Saturday, November 14, 2020

Not Much to Say...


 ...But I hope you've all been well over the past couple years.

     I recently checked up on the stats for this page after a long time away and noticed that it's been pretty popular as of late. I don't really know where all the new traffic is coming from but I'm always glad to see more YKK fans about.  Because of that I've decided I'd clean this site up and make one final post to be a sort of header for the project, and to go ahead and update the download links to contain other YKK related material that's out there, like artbooks, music, the OVAs, an Ashinano doujin, etc in hopes of making this an easy "One Stop Shop" for all things YKK related without having to venture across various boorus and torrent sites. 




First I'll repost some links here that are of interest in case anyone missed them previously.

dDave and Kymoto Go's Translation Edits for volumes 2-6 that this release was the first to make use of afaik.

Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6


A very kind user on Nyaa has created an upscaled version of the yugen release. I haven't looked into it too far but I would imagine that this is a great help to volumes 1-10, and is probably now the definitive release to have if you don't mind it's size, especially on higher resolution screen. Found here.

 Other Previous Links

Alpha Cafe

Pay respect to an original legend

Old interview translation  intact along with the forums and contents.

The forums are also still up, here.

An old Japanese fan page.

Thread here containing a .kmz file you can load up in google earth and view all the real 
life locations of many YKK areas and events.

 For a final time I would like to give thanks to the original ykk guys, mangaproject, and of course tabv who is responsible for the amazing artbook scans and also for various fixes in the yugen release of the manga. The manga DL here is now the one by tabv with fixed file names.  Anyone wanting to use any of my work on the manga for future projects need not ask my permission. Feel free to use it in any way you would like.
Links will be updated if I find anything new, and for the last time